Wage and Hour Issues and Developing Legal Protections:

The Courts have ruled again and again that clubs are susceptible to wage and hour litigation.  However, in those rulings, the Courts have also laid out a series of road maps on what clubs can do to eliminate damages.  We help clubs implement the policies in procedures to comply with those rulings and prevent wage and hour damages and attorney fees.


Arbitration Agreements:

Plaintiffs disfavor arbitration as there are more upfront costs, class actions can be waived, and discovery is limited.  So, establishing arbitration clauses, and ensuring they are enforceable and in compliance with the most recent court decisions can save club owners significant time and expense in defending against litigation.


Premium Services:

Premium services are the key to avoiding damages in litigation. If handled correctly, a club could be found liable in a wage and hour suit, but without the plaintiff recovering any wages.  In general, without recovering wages, Courts typically do not award attorneys fees.  Therefore, establishing premium services in accordance with local laws, ordinances, and liquor board rules is key for any gentlemen’s club.


Marketing Talent for Increased Profitability:

Gentlemen’s clubs rely on its dancers to drive profits. We train dancers to obtain more tips from customers, encourage the use of premium services, get customers to buy more drinks, and to create repeat customers. Through proper training, dancers and clubs become more profitable creating a better atmosphere resulting in less litigation.


Marketing Effective Bottle Service:

Bottle service is affected by timing and presentation. The ways dancers, bartenders, and floor managers participate in and drive demand for bottle service helps create the perfect atmosphere to encourage bottle service sales. Erotes helps train club personnel to increase those bottle service sales.


Maximizing Floor Activities to Drive Profits:

The way personnel other than dancers interact with customers plays a dramatic role in increasing sales and creating the proper customer experience.  By training bartenders and floor staff to participate in engaging customers, club owners can drive profits for the dancers, bartenders, and the club.

Providing legal counsel and marketing solutions for Gentlemen’s Club to avoid legal liability and maximize profits.

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