A club’s success depends on the profitability of its dancers.  A dancers success is not driven primarily by appearance but by social interaction of the club collective.  The primary issues are how dancers interact with customers, the support they receive from the floor managers, and the alacrity of the bartenders.  When these three factors are efficient with proper training, the dancer’s profitability leads to dramatic increases in the club’s profitability.

Profitability comes from happy customers. The dancers job in setting the proper mood of the customer is key to establishing the proper frame of mind. When the dancer controls this interaction in a safe and efficient way, customers enjoy themselves and typically do not mind paying for the privilege of doing so.  Indeed, the vast majority of profitable interactions initiated by the dancers are successful because the dancer understands the need of the patrons. These needs are overwhelming about the interaction and the emotional component of having someone to talk to rather than sex.  As such, the dancer’s job is to control the interaction to be open to those acts.

However, the dancer also knows that the customer needs to pay for that privilege.  Many dancers do not know how to broach this subject in a enticing way.  Instead, dancers often become aggressive and easily offend a customer who sincerely believes that their emotional needs are being met out of kindness rather than for monetary concerns.  There are ways to for dancers to address these issues without alienating the customer.  Proper training by individuals with decades of experience in this industry can show dancers how to continue to entice the customer, getting the customer to the point where they are happy to pay for the dancer’s company, and can drive the customer’s desire for premium services.

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Premium Services are An Important Key to a Club’s Success

Those premium services are key to a club’s success for a variety of reasons. Premium services, of course, include such things as lap dances, table dances, rooms, and the like.   As indicated in our legal consulting page, premium services can save a club, and its owners, from the plague of wage and hour cases that can drive the club out of business and the owners into bankruptcy.  However, as importantly, the premium services make the dancers and the club money, and encourage customers to return often.   Therefore, premium services are key to the club’s success from a legal protection perspective, from a profitability perspective, and from the customer relation’s perspective.

A floor manager plays a significant role in assisting dancers in creating the proper mood and increasing the club’s profitability.   A floor manager’s support of the dancers can entice the customer to pay for premium services in a subtle way.  In this way, both the dancer and the club increase profits.  However, the floor manager has to be properly trained to identify those opportunities and not confuse those opportunities with danger situations that may be harmful to the dancer, and thereby, the club.  The floor manager not only ensures that the customer has a good time and wants to come back to the club, but also uses those skills to assist the dancers with customers in driving premium services that benefit everyone involved.

Driving Profit to Your Gentleman’s Club

The bartender also has a key role in increasing the club and dancer’s profits.  The bartender already plays a key role in keeping customers happy, and enticing them to continue to purchase drinks.  Of course, that plays the most significant role in the club’s viability.  However, the bartenders can also be trained to support the efforts of the dancers to not only help create the necessary atmosphere to get the customer to the point where they are content to spend money, but also to support the dancer’s efforts to keep the customer entertained.  Getting the customer to purchase drinks for the dancer is only one aspect of this strategy.  The bartender can also play a role in getting the customer to want to engage in premium services.   Through the proper application of utilizing the strategies we provide, the bartender plays a key part in driving the profit of both the dancer and the club.

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With proper training of dancers, floor managers, and bartenders, the club as a whole can be focused and driven to increase profits for everyone involved. This training also assists each of these parties to move away from the “everyone for themselves” mentality that often plagues the industry to the benefit of no one. Through our consulting services and training, the entire club can be driven to the goal of recognizing situations and opportunities that benefit the dancer, the bartenders, and the club.  Moreover, these situations can be managed to provide the customer with an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

It should be noted that some clubs have not implemented premium services because of the legal concerns they raise.  As part of our consulting services, our legal consultants provide a comprehensive research of local ordinances, and laws to assist clubs in implementing legal premium services that satisfy the legal requirements for the club’s location.