New Affiliation with Yarborough Planning Provides New Capabilities

Erotes Consulting, LLC ( is pleased to announce an affiliation with Yarborough Planning, LLC adding strategic statistics-based strategies for developing and exploiting target markets and regulatory compliance issues within urban geography. Erotes already provides legal, litigation, marketing and training support to entertainment clubs across the US.

“This affiliation is an ideal evolution for Erotes,” says Ken Gauvey, managing member of Erotes Consulting, LLC.  “Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop to help clubs not only establish themselves but also to grow, succeed, and protect their interests in the legal landmine of today’s marketplace. With Yarborough, we are expanding our services to help clubs prosper. It’s a natural fit.”

With this new relationship Erotes Consulting, LLC and Yarborough Planning, LLC expand their abilities to provide even more support to both established and new gentlemen’s clubs.  By providing statistical analysis, clubs can be tailored to target their market more efficiently.  Services within regulatory compliance allows clubs to get started and turning a profit quickly.  Legal services ensure clubs are protected from suits, or can defend against lawsuits.  Marketing helps train dancers and floor staff to drive revenue.  “As we grow,” says David J. Paster, managing member of Yarborough Planning, LLC, “gentlemen’s clubs can count on professional services that cover every aspect of buying, managing, and succeeding as a club owner.”

Erotes Consulting, LLC, is the premier consulting firm for the gentlemen’s club industry.  With a combined total of more than 50 years in the entertainment industry Erotes focuses on providing legal, litigation, marketing, statistical analysis, and regulatory compliance to support clubs all over the country.

Yarborough Planning, LLC provides consultative services to client in the entertainment industry specializing in behavioral economic-based policies and practices grounded in marketing and community regulatory compliance within urban geography.