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Erotes Consulting Group focuses on helping Gentlemen’s clubs succeed. Through the most recent legal and marketing solutions Erotes Consulting is focused on becoming the perfect partner and confidant for our clients with a vested interest in helping them succeed.

We keep up to date with the most legal decisions and regulations.  Not only do we review each change in the law regularly, but we do so with an eye towards using those decisions to craft solutions to prevent findings of liability or damages against clubs.  Liability is only a part of the issue.  The second part is avoiding damages even if liability is established.  We seek to address both these issues as a total defense in litigation.

Marketing Solutions

Our marketing solutions focus on driving the profits of the club. The ultimate goal is to train dancers and staff on how to make the most of their time in the club to increase their income and to increase drink purchases and the use of premium services.  We do this by training dancers as well as bartenders and floor managers to engage in collaborative efforts with the goal of having everyone participate in driving profits for both dancers and the club.

Erotes Consulting Group is about increasing profits while decreasing risk to the club.  Our focus is helping our clients succeed.  Call us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Our Team

Ken C. Gauvey

Ken C. Gauvey is an attorney working with litigation and business issues, with a heavy focus on wage and hour issues. Mr. Gauvey has extensive experience in independent contractor issues with a particular focus on the tipped-employee exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Using this knowledge, Mr. Gauvey has provided guidance to numerous clubs across the country in defending against wage claims and reducing or avoiding damages in such matters.

Angela Rockstar

Angela Rockstar has more than 15 years of industry experience in all aspects of the business of Gentlemen’s Clubs. She regularly provides guidance on floor issues, and gives regular seminars on increasing dancer profits from customers to select clubs.

Ms. Rockstar is a frequent guest for various outlets as an expert in the Gentlemen’s Club industry. Ms. Rockstar managed Scores Baltimore which, under her management, was awarded Best Club of the East by Ed Awards in 2014. In addition, Ms. Rockstar was voted “Best Local Celebrity” by City Paper readers in 2013.

David Paster

David Paster serves as the Principal of Yarborough Planning, LLC, an affiliated libertarian and hedonic hospitality consulting concern. Mr. Paster’s core competency is two-fold. The first element is identifying key elements for determining “go / no go” (economic viability / sustainability) decisions with both developing and operational multi-faceted adult entertainment facilities. This line of effort includes establishing financing resources. The second skillset is serving as an expert witness with “Malicious Marginalization” matters / the refuting of “secondary effects” claims. Based on twenty-five years of academic and industry experience, Mr. Paster brings authentic, innovative and professional insight to the proverbial table.

Providing legal counsel and marketing solutions for Gentlemen’s Club to avoid legal liability and maximize profits.

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