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Misclassification of Dancers is a Significant Liability

The Courts have unanimously ruled that dancers are not independent contractors. It is time to talk about eliminating damages instead of focusing on liability.

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Providing legal counsel and marketing solutions for Gentlemen’s Club to avoid legal liability and maximize profits.

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Ken C. Gauvey

Ken C. Gauvey is an attorney working with litigation and business issues, with a heavy focus on wage and hour issues. Mr. Gauvey has extensive experience in independent contractor issues with a particular focus on the tipped-employee exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Using this knowledge, Mr. Gauvey has provided guidance to numerous clubs across the country in defending against wage claims and reducing or avoiding damages in such matters.

Angela Rockstar

Angela Rockstar has more than 15 years of industry experience in all aspects of the business of Gentlemen’s Clubs. She regularly provides guidance on floor issues, and gives regular seminars on increasing dancer profits from customers to select clubs.

Ms. Rockstar is a frequent guest for various outlets as an expert in the Gentlemen’s Club industry. Ms. Rockstar managed Scores Baltimore which, under her management, was awarded Best Club of the East by Ed Awards in 2014. In addition, Ms. Rockstar was voted “Best Local Celebrity” by City Paper readers in 2013.

This Kind of Thing Doesn’t Happen at OUR Club

This Kind of Thing Doesn’t Happen at OUR Club

Loners with distinctive middle names, that is the profile of nearly every gunman who has caused mayhem in too many intentional homicides to fathom never-the-less calculate. Along with the assailant’s personality disclosure is an oft-repeated statement of the...

Erotes Consulting Adds Strategic Target Marketing

Erotes Consulting Adds Strategic Target Marketing

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